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Music has always been a part of my life. I grew up going to church every week and seeing my mother sing in the choir and my father play trombone in the orchestra. When I hit fourth grade, I picked up the trumpet and joined school band. Guitar, bass keyboard and singing soon followed, and I took every chance I could to learn songs, play with friends and play in bands. After high school, I studied Music Performance in college and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. I then spent five years working in a church as a music director. Here's some things I've done since then.



Mercies is an indie rock band located in Los Angeles. I've been a part of this band since 2010. My roles include Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals, writing, arranging, touring and performing.


Bad Things

Bad Things is a synth-rock band from Los Angeles. I played with them late 2013 into early 2014. My responsibilities were keyboards, background vocals and touring/performing with notable performances at SXSW, and appearances on VH1 and the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.



Mereki is a songwriter and artist from Los Angeles. I played a bunch of shows around town with her starting in late 2014 until 2016. I was on bass, keys and background vocals.

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Erick Serna And The Killing Floor

Erick—an old friend of mine—is a songwriter, producer and guitarist from Los Angeles. I played bass for him on a bunch of shows from 2013–2015 on both the east coast and in LA.


I've composed some quick original scores for some select motion graphics I've created.

Here's a few: